Custom-made products
to drawing

Standard and non-standard products

In shorter time than the producer

As further improvement of our service for customers, we are partner of different mechanical workshops allowing us to provide non-standard products in shorter time than the producer itself.

All standard products we supply can be customized to drawing (making of tangs, holes, keyways, etc.). Otherwise, we can manufacture tailor-made items. Moreover, we manage to process precision ground rolled ballscrews through cutting-edge machines. All our products can come with special treatments, including zinc coating, phosphate coating, hardening, nickel plating, burnishing, niploy and armoloy.

Pre-assembled and assembled groups

We can also provide pre-assembled or assembled groups ready for assembly, due to the availability of standard materials like bearings, seeger, gears, etc.

Photo gallery

Overview of drawing-based products

Here a little taste of our drawing-based products, machinery, production department and non-standard products.