Telescopic guides


As specialized supplier of linear motion components, Monguzzi Srl completes its product range with telescopic guides intended for sliding and/or extraction applications.

A designer looking for a telescopic guide has precision, load capacity, rigidity and lightness among its main selection criteria. The design and sliding system with crossed rollers of our supplied guides have these features. Their aluminum profiles with centesimal tolerances result in lightness, easy handling and assembly, as well as they allow for motion accuracy with minimum backlash and increased load-bearing capacity.

Multiple versions differing for maximum load capacity per pair, length, maximum extension and stroke motion are available in the catalogue. In addition to standard dimensions, Monguzzi Srl can manufacture drawing-based telescopic guides with lengths and fixing holes according to customer’s specific request.


Telescopic guides with crossed rollers compete with other sliding systems (slide, ball or bearing systems) due to their important benefits. First, the crossed position of rollers set a significant friction reduction, allowing for smooth and more silent motion and reduced wear over time. At the same time, the design is suitable for frequent stress and movements and allows for higher load capacity, never compromising rigidity, stability and precision during motion.

About that, three models are available according to the main classification of telescopic guides:

  • Light version for loads up to 30kg per pair;
  • Heavy version for loads up to 120kg per pair;
  • Extra-heavy version for loads up to 250kg per pair.
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A telescopic guide is a particularly versatile component by its nature, designed for horizontal or vertical strokes, variable loads and application conditions. In particular, products selected by Monguzzi Srl perfectly fit for horizontal sliding and extraction. Plenty of applications ranging from furniture industry to general industry require the use of horizontal telescopic guides.

One of the most common applications is exactly furniture industry, where horizontal telescopic guides allow for the translation of drawers, extendible tables and consoles, sliding doors and other opening/closing systems. The same products can be used in many industrial sectors, for example within machineries, production, packaging or logistics lines, warehouses or archives. Here, the use of telescopic guides is required for slide-out shelves, compartments or drawers to have access to products, tools, control panels or documents, as well as sliding doors or barriers.

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All standard versions are available in stock. Monguzzi Srl also makes customized processing and provides drawing-based guides with special lengths and fixing holes upon request.

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