Telescopic and slide guides


Linear guideways are part of Monguzzi Srl core business playing a key role in several industrial applications. That said, now our company also provides its customers with telescopic and slide guides to meet the needs of a more complete and wider range of sectors.


Telescopic guides stand out for a sliding system with crossed rolls. Manufacturing of aluminum profiles with centesimal tolerances guarantee good rigidity and allow for motion accuracy with minimum backlash and increased load-bearing capacity. These guides can be used in multiple industrial fields. On one hand, their strength makes them suitable for industrial automation; on the other hand, they are perfect for residential use and interior design due to their aesthetics qualities.

This results in a wide range of versions differing for their maximum load per pair and for their length, maximum extension and stroke motion as well. In addition to standard dimensions, drawing-based telescopic guides can be manufactured with lengths, stroke motions and fixing holes according to customer’s specific request.

  • Light telescopic guides which can handle loads up to 30kg per pair;
  • Heavy telescopic guides which can handle loads up to 120kg per pair;
  • Extra-heavy telescopic guides which can handle up to 250kg per pair.
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In addition to telescopic guides with crossed rolls, Monguzzi Srl provides slide guides as well. This version consists of one or more bearing blocks sliding inside an aluminum profile up to a maximum length of 5m. Slide guides are the ideal solution for manual handling of light loads which does not require high speeds. The selection of slide guides includes the following versions:

  • Light slide guides which can handle loads up to 14kg per pair;
  • Heavy slide guides which can handle loads up to 39kg per pair;
  • Extra-heavy slide guides which can handle up to 69kg per pair.
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