Spiral toothed racks


First recognizable feature of precision spiral toothed racks is teeth profile which are inclined to gear axis. This detail gets responsible for important benefits during motion transmission compared to more common straight toothed racks. However, they differ from standard racks in belonging to accuracy classes whose quality tolerances on teeth thickness and admissible errors correspond to the highest quality, precision and resistance levels.

Here follow the main features of precision spiral toothed racks making them suitable for all applications where high precision and/or high-power transmission are required, even with high loads, great stress and high speeds. Manufacturing and assembly of machine tools, printing machines or packaging machines, construction of plants, development of material handling technologies, realization of industrial automation and robotic systems are just some of the infinite uses of these products.


While it’s true that their highly technical nature makes assembly less easy than straight toothed racks, spiral toothed racks provide additional benefits in use. Basically, spiral racks and gears engagement features constant gripping and greater thrust surface. Indeed, disengagement of in-contact teeth and engagement of next teeth are gradual, always keeping a contact area and load distribution on two or more teeth. On one hand, this provides for higher load capacity compared to straight toothed racks with same module and size. On the other hand, backlash lack highly reduces noise, impacts and vibrations, therefore ensuring a regular and silent motion transmission at continuous speed.

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Besides the benefits lying in their teeth profile, the high-quality standards of precision spiral toothed racks are guaranteed by the possible application of a grinding treatment when compared with traditional ones. This processing provides a very accurate surface finishing which reduces friction and wear of moving parts and, therefore, further increases precision, tolerance and resistance of spiral toothed racks. Our company can provide both partially ground racks with ground teeth only and totally ground racks with ground teeth and surface.

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