Precision racks


In addition to standard series, our company also supplies a wide range of precision racks. They are straight and spiral toothed racks offering high position accuracy, noiselessness and durability. As racks are used in many industrial fields, the range of required modules, sizes and precisions is well varied. We can meet even the most demanding applications due to a constantly well-stocked warehouse and the possible realization of tailor-made components in short time.


In order to get a correct and efficient functioning of the transmission system, racks must be precise and properly sized according to motion requirements. Precision racks are classified according to specific classes referring to high-quality standards. Each accuracy class is associated with specific quality tolerances on teeth thickness and admissible single and total lead errors. Grinding treatments can be applied to ensure greater resistance and stiffness to components determining the higher accuracy and quality of precision racks. Our company provides customers with the highest quality standard ranging from partially to completely ground racks having respectively ground teeth and ground teeth/surface.

Cremagliere elicoidali di precisione

Spiral toothed racks

Spiral toothed racks allow for constant gripping and greater thrust surface, high load capacity and silent transmission at continuous speed, by eliminating backlash completely. The classification as precision racks comes from the possible application of complete or partial grinding on teeth and/or surfaces which further improves accuracy and resistance.

Cremagliere a denti dritti di precisione

Straight toothed racks

Straight toothed racks feature an easier and low-cost assembly than spiral toothed racks. The high-quality standards of their belonging accuracy classes ensure maximum efficiency performance, thanks to possible application of complete or partial grinding treatments on teeth and surfaces which increase their accuracy, tolerance and quality.

Standard racks

A complete array of commercial standard racks. They are steel racks-continuous mounting, available in standard sizes for industrial use, perfect for applications requiring a constant and interruption-free motion transmission.