Screw linear axis R3GO

Screw hollow linear axis


Screw linear axis are key technologies for linear motion, especially for applications where heavy loads have to be moved with high precision. Production line of R3GO by Monguzzi also includes this type of transmission in order to cover different demands of precision, load and speed. Screw linear axis R3GO ensures high axial stroke and high positioning precision through a screw-nut coupling able to transform rotary motion into linear motion. Moreover, hollow profile enclosing the linear guideway and ballscrew contributes to make the structure more sturdy, reliable and aesthetic.

Starting from standard sizes and models complying with market demand, Monguzzi takes advantage of R3GO adaptability to design custom-made linear axis according to customer’s needs.

Structural components

  1. Aluminum profile
    R3GO profile is designed on proprietary customized matrixes which prove our brand uniqueness. Anodized aluminum provides lightness and sturdiness to screw linear axis structure allowing for heavy axial loads to be transported..
  2. Linear guideway
    Recirculating ball guideways with high load capacity and low friction coefficient are positioned on the profile of screw linear axis R3GO. They are able to transfer forces and torques from external carriage to axis profile in uniform and equal way in all directions.
  3. Ballscrew
    The transmission component of screw linear axis provides high pitch accuracy and rigidity, excellent axial strokes and low frictions. In order to ensure optimal performance, screws with different pitches and diameters can be used according to force and speed requirements of application.
  4. Carriage
    The carriage of linear axis R3GO can be sized according to load in order to comply with system orientation in all three directions. Moreover, it is equipped with centering holes which can be used to fix the load and ease its orientation.
  5. Cover strip
    Besides hollow profile enclosing and protecting the transmission components, screw linear axis R3GO has a cover system against foreign bodies making it suitable for really aggressive and critical workplaces too.
  6. Lubrication
    It’s possible to lubricate linear axis R3GO via proper side grease nipples in order to reduce wear during functioning and extend maintenance intervals.

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