Belt linear axis R3GO

Open or hollow belt linear axis


Transmission component is the main decision-making factor to find a linear system able to ensure appropriate precision, load and speed. In this regard, belt linear axis address applications where long stroke lengths, high speeds and dynamic responses are required. A pulley and a toothed belt are coupled to generate a high powerful and efficient drive, indeed. Production line of R3GO by Monguzzi counts two types of belt linear axis, both designed to provide smooth running with high load, speed and acceleration performance.

Open belt version of R3GO features a closed profile with square section with external transmission components. In the belt hollow version, the transmission belt and recirculating ball guideway are inside the profile, instead. This results in a more compact and aesthetic design, suitable for dusty and/or dirty workplaces.

Monguzzi designs standard models and selects the most market-required sizes, but the real strength is possible customization of R3GO according to each customer’s needs.

Components and ancillaries

  1. Profilo in alluminio
    Hollow or square-section profile of belt linear axis R3GO is made of anodized aluminum which is a light but strong material at the same time. The distinguishing feature of the product is the unique, customized proprietary matrix of the mold.
  2. Linear guideway
    A recirculating ball guideway is mounted in a specific internal or external housing according to system configuration. Its function is to transfer forces and torques from the carriage to the axis profile for load movement.
  3. Toothed belt
    R3GO is a belt linear axis with modern high-performance profiles. The belt is coupled with a backlash-free pulley and is able to transfer high forces and speeds without slipping, even with high tractions.
  4. Carriage
    If necessary, the external carriage of belt linear axis R3GO has customizable length according to the size of the load to be transported and the axis total length. It’s equipped with special tolerance centering holes for stable and accurate mounting of the load.
  5. Cover strip
    Belt hollow version of R3GO is equipped with a cover strip which protects components against dust and dirt making it suitable for any workplace. This adds up to the native benefit of hollow profile design which encloses transmission components.
  6. Lubrication
    Belt linear axis R3GO are equipped with side grease nipples allowing for an easy and fast application of lubricant to recirculating ball guideway carriages. This is helpful to minimize wear and maintenance operations.