Linear axis R3GO

The ideal custom-made axis
for your linear system


R3GO is the linear axis branded by Monguzzi, the first corporate production line to extend customers’ service and turn the knowledge in the field in a real brand. The company produces linear axis in anodized aluminum with a light and 3-axis performing design, available with different transmission components. Our product stands out on the market for customized and proprietary matrix of profiles and drawing-based heads and rails, as well as possible customization and realization of tailor-made solutions. R3GO is a complete finished product, assembled and tested in the corporate production department. This both ensures the quality of Made in Italy and allows customers to reduce time and cost of design, assembling and mounting.


Profiles are made with proprietary customized matrixes, heads and rails are drawing-based.


Starting from standard models, we can customize the product according to each customer’s needs.


It results from the experience and knowledge about precision linear mechanics of our technical and sales team.


The product undergoes continuous no-load and full-load tests in order to check its quality and precision.


Simple, essential and balanced: it’s designed to meet market requirements and demand with the quality of Made in Italy.

Assembling r3go

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Linear axis R3GO production

The production of linear axis R3GO by Monguzzi counts on a dedicated corporate space, cut-to-edge technical equipment and expert team. Technical design, selection and assembling of components, final tests: each step of the production process is controlled and granted by our specialists to provide the customer with a reliable, precise and performing custom-made solution.

type b

asse lineare a cinghia scoperta


Linear axis with closed aluminum profile with square section standing out for the external position of the linear guideway and transmission belt.

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type b

asse lineare a cinghia scoperta


Linear axis with an attractive aluminum hollow profile for its compact design due to the internal use of the belt and recirculating ball guideway.

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type s

asse lineare cavo a vite


Linear axis designed for precise positionings and heavier axial loads. The use of the guide and ballscrew within the hollow profile makes it a rigid and reliable system.

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The name giving voice to Monguzzi linear axis

R3GO is the result of the long and attentive naming study made by the company to give the production line a persuasive, recognizable and easy-to-remember name. Meanings, visual elements and assonances merge to best embody and express the features of Monguzzi linear axis.

From the Latin rego with the meaning of “to guide, lead”, the name describes the function of the linear axis consistently. At the same time, the last syllable recalls the English verb to go whose meaning further emphasizes the concept of movement. Finally, the transformation of the letter “e” in the number 3 comes from the desire to more specifically represent the motion on three axis XYZ, typical of a complete linear system like the one designed and produced by Monguzzi.

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