Gears are among the most common mechanical transmission components and are widely used in the most varied applications. More precisely, they are toothed wheels which allow rotation and translation motion transmission between mechanical components by combining with other equally toothed elements.

Our wide range of products includes conical straight or spiral toothed gears and cylindrical gears in all commercial standard sizes. They are also available in different materials: C45 steel, stainless steel or NYLON PA6+FV thermoplastic material. Moreover, we can provide drawing-based components with specific processing, thermal and/or surface treatments.

Our company can meet different customers’ needs due to constantly well-stocked warehouse, rapid availability of items by 24h and possible supply of tailor-made components.

Cylindrical straight toothed gears

Cylindrical gears for mechanical transmission between parallel axis, available in all commercial standard sizes and in three different materials.

Conical gears

Conical straight or spiral gears for motion transmission between concurrent axis, available in all commercial standard sizes and different materials.