Chain transmission is certainly one of the most known and used mechanisms in mechanics and material handling. A chain basically consists of five components: inner plates, bushes and rollers make the inner link and outer plates and pins form the pin link. This simple mechanism, together with accessories to complete and customize it, have many and various industrial, conveyor and motorcycle applications. As official distributor of Regina Chain, we can provide light conveyor chains, chains for power transmission, fleyer chains and conveyor chains from stock or in short time.

Our experienced and passionate specialists are willing to find the best suitable solution for your needs.


Power transmission chain is used to transmit power between two rotating shafts belonging to the same machine or between a motor and an independent mechanism. Power transmission originates from a sprocket or gear and a chain whose links mesh with the sprockets’ teeth. In particular, this roller chain consists of inner link, pin link, connecting link and offset link. Also, they are divided into single, double, triple and quadruple strand chains.


The following types of chains can be provided depending on materials:

roller chains European series | rollers chains Americal series | reinforced rollers chains | roller chains chroma series | nickel plated roller chains | stainless steel roller chains | O-Ring roller chains

High performance, lightness and compact dimensions are just some of the features making this type of chain the most used in mechanical transmission and favoring its wide application.


Light conveyor chains result from the combinations of components of standard roller chains and specifically designed parts or attachments (extended pins, pusher attachments, etc.) for conveying applications.


The following types of chains are included:

stainless steel light conveyor chains | carbon steel light conveyor chains | steel light conveyor chains with special coatings (zinc, chrome, nickel plating, etc.) | plastic resins light conveyor chains | light conveyor chains with heat treatments to increase surface hardness

Chains need the highest precision in this field. Therefore, Regina Chain ensures product quality with non-standard tolerances, matching, cut lengths to be compounded and special lubrications. The availability of so much types of light conveyor chains and possible customization with attachments and special treatments make them the ideal solution for various industrial applications: food industry, packaging, bottling, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, glass sector and general industrial applications.


Fleyer chain or tension linkage chain is usually built of plates and riveted pins and it’s meant to transmit power through reciprocating motion.

The main advantages of tension linkage chain as compared to wire cables are:
the chain uses a smaller diameter pulley | the chain can be lubricated more easily and effectively | the chain is easier to install and remove | the chain can convert rotary motion to linear motion


Regina Chain developed a range of chains which can withstand severe operating conditions, shock loads and dynamic stresses.
The main features of fleyer chain ensuring such high performance are:
hardened steel plates | continuous quality control during production | high preloading and resistance to fatigue | test certificate for breaking loads


Regina Chain has been active in conveyor field with technological and innovative solutions since 80’s. Indeed, Conveyor department provides a wide range of high quality and performance products:
steel and plastic chains | plastic modular belts | maintenance-free “gripper” chains | processed and detachable sprockets | magnetic corner tracks, TAB and Bevel | return rollers and side guides


The great versatility of standard and special solutions of Conveyor range by Regina Chain allows their application in multiple sectors, including food industry, mechanics, packaging and paper industry.

In particular, the main application fields are:
PET, glass and cans bottling | glass manufacturing | packaging |special applications

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